The Cecil Hotel,  the inspiration behind the latest season of American Horror Story, boasts a torrid history ripe with misfortune, tragedy and paranormal activity. Two serial killers — Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger — have stayed at the hotel — now called Stay on Main —and multiple people have committed suicide on the premises.

The hotel solidified its haunted status in 2013 when a 21-year-old tourist named Elisa Lam went missing under shady circumstances. Two weeks after her disappearance, a hotel employee found her dead body floating in one of the hotel’s water tanks. He’d been sent to examine them after the hotel received numerous complaints about low water pressure.

A surveillance video showed Lam acting bizarrely in an elevator on the night of her disapperance. It appears that is conversing with or hiding from an invisible force.

Authorities later ruled her death as an accidental drowning with bipolar disorder as a contributing factor, but no one can figure out how she managed to find her way onto the roof and into the water tank.


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